To offer the public events which provide the captive audience with a venue for entertainment and wholesome enjoyment within an ambience of camaraderie. The events are produced under the strictest standards of quality, treating every participant as well as our sponsor companies with utmost respect, always seeking what’s best for them.


To provide the general population, especially all children and youths, with a stage where they can exhibit their skills regardless of their degree of expertise, always focusing on the fact that sports are —first and foremost— a form of recreation and secondly a venue for competition.

We strive to make our contestants’ parents and relatives, as well as the audience, feel comfortable with the conditions we set for every one of our events. Our goal is to make it possible that by the end of our events, family relationships become stronger and to have all people present feel pleased by the event.

We will dedicate all our experience and resources to offer our clientele and sponsors qualitative and quantitative events where participants can develop character and leadership and are able to regard these events as a vehicle that provides entertainment and recreation within a wholesome ambiance filled with camaraderie.


“We do what we do, and do it the right way”… that has always been our motto. From our very first events in 1989 to the ones we have produced this year, the concept of “doing things right” has fueled our ‘engine’ for over 20 years.

The more experience we acquire, the better we want to do things for the benefit of our events’ participants… and the better we want to do things for the benefit of the companies that sponsor us.

We manage events as if they were our very own; that’s why we demand so much from ourselves.

The difference of doing things right from the start has been key in allowing us to transmit our commitment to our staff (both permanent and freelance members), successfully conveying the sense that it’s utterly important to meet and even surpass the expectations of our sponsors, event participants, and the general public. As for our events’ participants, we have successfully made everyone feel that “this is the right place and it’s where I should be” and we’ve helped them realize it’s been worthwhile to spend time with other participants like themselves. That’s where we have made a difference.

Respect and Acknowledgement: these are two values we have always emphasized in our events. These are two values that make the difference between a run-of-the-mill event and a truly sublime one. All participants in sporting events want their effort to be acknowledged and they want to feel like these are “major league” events… this is the least we can give our clients!